Bluetooth Driver for PC

In this post we will see how to install the Bluetooth driver on our computers, I will try to explain in a simple way how they can find and install this driver in any operating system they have installed on their computer.

Many times downloading and updating the Bluetooth driver on PC is done by a generic driver that is activated by connecting the device as if it were a USB storage.

Although, if there is any specific driver, it is most recommended that you use the specific driver, if there is not for your Bluetooth device, a generic driver will work wonders for you.

To download the driver, here today, we are going to use a generic driver. Since this will cover the largest number of Bluetooth devices and if the generic driver is not functional for you.

Below I will leave you a link where I will teach you how to use a program with a very large database and you can install the Bluetooth driver almost automatically in any operating system. And it is not a universal driver, but this program searches for the most suitable driver for each device, including Bluetooth drivers.

Download Bluetooth Driver for PC

To download the Bluetooth driver for PC you just have to download the right one for you, since, despite being a generic driver, it is in its 32-bit version and in its 64-bit version. Below are the download links

Links to free Download PC Bluetooth Drivers

Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 or 10 32 Bits:

Bluetooth Driver for Windows 7 or 10 64 Bits:

Downloading Bluetooth drivers will be easy with these drivers that I leave you here. To download them, you just have to click on the one indicated for your bit version.

Also, if you are going to install the driver on another computer, you can download both if not you are sure, to run one that does not agree with the architecture, it will simply throw an error and you can run the other without any problem.

Free Download Bluetooth for Computer/Laptop

The driver and the programs that I leave below so that you can download and install the Bluetooth driver on your computer will also work completely on a Laptop, all you have to do is follow the steps as I explained it to you.

Regardless of whether your laptop computer has the external Bluetooth device, that is, a USB Bluetooth or if it comes internally, if there is no problem directly with the Hardware, the methods presented here should work properly and without problems.

It is important to know that if the generic Bluetooth driver that I have left above does not work for you, use any of the programs to install drivers, which will undoubtedly help you download and install your Bluetooth driver on your computer.

How to search for the PC Bluetooth driver?

To search for the Bluetooth driver, you just need to know the name of your device which must be in the packaging box. If by any chance you have lost it, going to the device manager, you will be able to access and see the name of your Bluetooth device. The rest will be to search for the Bluetooth driver on google for the corresponding operating system that you have installed.

How to install the Bluetooth device in PC?

Once the Bluetooth driver has been downloaded to install it, it is only a matter of connecting the device and opening the executable. It should be noted that if this does not work for you, first try to install the driver and then connect the Bluetooth, since there are some devices that while connected do not let the driver install properly.

If the Executables that I have left above so that you can install the Bluetooth Driver on your computer do not work, you can use one of these two programs that I recommend below.

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Which will automatically search for the missing drivers on your computer (it is devices must be connected) and will install it. In this way, you can install the Bluetooth driver on your computer in case the universal Bluetooth drivers above have not worked for you.

PC Bluetooth Driver Download Program

If for some reason, the steps in this post or the video have not worked together with the universal Bluetooth driver that I have left you for windows 7 and 10. Use the Driver Booster or Driver Hub program, this program will help you install no not just Bluetooth drivers, but any drivers you need for your computer.

With these programs, you can install the Bluetooth driver in Windows 7 and Windows 10 faster. They are the best alternative if the above drivers have not worked for you. It is important to note that Driver download programs will work in almost any operating system that is Windows in 32 or 64 bits.

Bluetooth Program For PC

The programs that I will recommend below will work for you to manage your Bluetooth adapter, that is, thanks to these programs you can send and receive files through the Bluetooth signal, you only have to install them with the steps that I will give you below.

Download Bluetooth Sender

Bluetooth Sender is a good program to Manage your Bluetooth device, all you have to do is enter the following link where you can download

Once you go to the following link, all you have to do is download it, extract it, and install it. Using this Bluetooth device manager is so simple and intuitive. Downloading Bluetooth for PC surely wasn’t so easy, besides, managing it with this program will be twice as easy.

Download Ralink Bluetooth Stack

Ralink Bluetooth Stacks is another Bluetooth program that you can install on your computer to transfer files and receive them without the need for a USB Cable. I will leave the download link below!NbA0zQpJ!lnEOzdH3yAYo8DaamXAS39YXMSChkvwfU3GsEMjd47w

All you have to do once downloaded is to follow the steps of the Ralink Bluetooth Stack installation wizard. Its installation is very simple, once the installation is finished you can use and activate the Bluetooth of your windows 10 computer in a very simple way. In addition, connecting to other devices through Bluetooth will be an extremely simple task.