Fixed: Bluetooth On / Off Option Disappeared In Windows 10

Cannot find Bluetooth Option In the Action Center list Or Device Manager, And you desperately need a solution? If the answer to this question is “Yes, “You have come to the right place. In this article, we will address the issue of the sudden disappearance For Bluetooth From the workstation of your computer.

solved Bluetooth On Off Option Disappeared In Windows 10

So go through this article and try to make repairs on your computer very precisely, your problem will be solved very quickly. But before proceeding with the fundamental solutions, be sure to try these solutions first to try a more straightforward and shorter solution to your problem.

open device in windows 10 to fix bluetooth error

Initial solutions –

1. If you are experiencing this type of problem for the first time on your computer, restart the computer.

2. Find out the Windows system update or not. Otherwise, Windows Update Let Windows do Download the update And install it in your system. Check if you can see the Bluetooth option in the workstation.

If these solutions do not improve the situation, access these solutions on your computer –

Fix -1 Run the SFC Scan and DISM tool

Running an SFC scan on your computer can resolve this issue on your computer.

1. Press the Windows key + R to start running. Now type “ cmd , then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter . Click “Yes To grant access to User Account Control (UAC). A command prompt window will open with administrative rights.

open cmd win + r

2. Now type this command in the command prompt window, then press Enter to implement it.

sfc / scannow

sfc scannow command in cmd


If you encounter an error while executing the above command, copy and paste this command into the command prompt window and press Enter to run it.

sfc / scannow / offbootdir =c:\ / offwindir =c:\ windows

[Note – Replace “C:” with the drive letter from your Windows installation directory on your computer.]

command to fic bluetooth errors

Wait a bit because the SFC scanning takes a while.

When the scanning process is complete, restart the computer.

3. After starting the computer, press Windows key again + R To begin, type “cmd, Then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Now click “Yes” to allow UAC access to open a command prompt window with administrative rights.

open run in win 10 for fixing bluetooth drivers

4. In the command prompt window, copy and paste these commands one by one in the window, then press Enter After each of these commands to be executed sequentially.

DISM / Online / Image Cleaning / CheckHealth
DISM / Online / Image Cleaning / ScanHealth
DISM / online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

type and run common fix command

Wait a bit because the DISM process can take a while.

Restart the computer after all the tests and analyses mentioned have been carried out. After restarting, the error should be corrected.

Fix -2 Check if your device is hidden

Sometimes this can happen to Bluetooth devices. It is disabled on your computer, which is why it is hidden in the Device Manager.

1. Press the Windows key + R Open a race window. Now type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter. The Device Manager tool will open.

check hidden device in windows 10

2. In the Device Manager, Click “View” in the menu bar. Now click on “Show hidden devices. “

open device manager to check hidden devices

2. This will display the hidden drivers on your computer. Now, if you see the Bluetooth device “Disabled (It will contain a down arrow with the name of the driver), Right-click on the Bluetooth driver and click” Activate. “ The Bluetooth driver will be activated.

enable intel wireless bluetooth in device manager

Restart the computer to save the changes to your computer. After restarting, check if you can see the Bluetooth option on your computer or in Device Manager.

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Fix-3 uninstalls all programs related to Bluetooth.

Uninstalling all Bluetooth software and restarting your computer will solve the problem on your computer.

1. Press the Windows key + R To start, type “appwiz.cpl, then press Enter. A window will open Programs and functionalities.

uninstall bluetooth related programs software

2. In the Programs and Features, Scroll through the list of installed applications and double-click on the associated Bluetooth application to uninstall it.

check all program and fetures of win 10

3. After uninstalling the software, restart the computer.

After restarting your computer, the Bluetooth application will be installed automatically. Your problem must be solved.

Fix – 4 restart of necessary Bluetooth services

1. Click on Windows Key + R To start, type “services.msc “Then press Enter.

restart necessary bluetooth services in windows 10 8 7

2. In the Services Scroll down to see Bluetooth Support Service, “And right-click, then click” Restart. “

restart Bluetooth Support Service to fix errors

3. Now, after Restart the service, Double-click” Bluetooth Support Service” to unlock its properties.

open Bluetooth Support Service

4. Now, in the Properties window of the Bluetooth support service, click on “Startup type: “And click on “Automatic” Then click “Application” And “Ok “Save the modifications.

Properties window of the Bluetooth support service,

Close the Services window.

Restart the computer to activate the Bluetooth driver. You should be able to find the Bluetooth option either in the settings or in the Device Manager.

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Fix 5 to solve the problem

1. Press the Windows key + I to open Settings. Now click on “Update & Security. “

Update & Security of windows 10

2. Now click on “Troubleshooting On the left side of the settings window, then scroll down and click on “Bluetooth. “ Now click on “Launch the troubleshooter” to run the troubleshooter.

run the troubleshooter to fix bluetooth errors

3. Let the troubleshooter find and fix Bluetooth problems on your computer.

You may need to restart your computer to save the changes to your computer.

Correction of the Bluetooth driver update -6

Updating the Bluetooth driver will install the latest version of the Bluetooth driver on your computer. You can also update using any windows driver download program.

1. Press the Windows key + R to open “Run. “ Now type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open Device Manager.


2. In the Device Manager, “I’m looking for” Bluetooth In the list of drivers, and click to expand the list of Bluetooth drivers for windows. Now, from the drop-down options, select the driver you are using. Right-click on it and click “Update Driver. “ Check out our guide to Update Bluetooth drivers safely in PC.

update bluetooth driver from device manager

3. You will be asked. How do you search for drivers? “Then click on the option” Automatically search for the updated driver. “

Automatically search for the updated bluetooth driver

Wait for Windows to find, download, and install a compatible Bluetooth driver.

Restart the computer to save the changes.

Patch – 7 USB update drivers –

Some updated USB controllers have helped Windows 10 users. To update all USB controllers on your computer.

1. Press the Windows key + R to start running. Now type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter. The device manager window opens.

open device management

2. In the Device Manager, expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers Then right-click on the first USB Driver And click” Update Driver. “

update USB update drivers

3. Now click on “Automatically check for an updated driver.”

Automatically check for updated usb driver

Wait a bit, because Windows will find and install the latest driver for your computer.

Repeat steps -2 and steps 3 for all devices listed under Universal Serial Bus Console. Then restart your computer to save the changes to your computer.

Fix -8 Reset your computer-

If none of the above fixes work, restart Ensemble. Your computer will certainly help you.

1. Press the Windows key + I to open Settings. Now scroll down and click on “Update & Security. “

open Update & Security of windows 10

2. In the update and security settings, click “Recovery” on the right. In the right pane, under the Recovery option, in “Reboot this computer, click” Start. “

reset this pc

3. In the Rest Rest PC window, choose the option “Keep my files. “


4. Now follow the on-screen instructions to reset your computer.

Resetting your computer removes certain applications and settings from your computer. However, the problem you are having with Bluetooth will definitely be resolved. You have to solve your problem.

Additional Tips

If the problem persists for you, you should consider using a Bluetooth dongle on your computer. Fix your Bluetooth in Windows 10, 8, 7 with ease.