FIX: Unable to install Bluetooth driver Error code 28

fix unable to install bluetoothe driver error code 28

How can I correct Bluetooth installer error code 28?

After installing a new operating system, especially if it’s a new version of Windows 10 Technical Preview, you may have trouble with the drivers for some of your devices. Some users complain that they cannot install the Bluetooth driver on their PC due to Bluetooth driver error code 28.

The drivers for this device are not installed: Bluetooth error 28

Error Code 28 tells you that a driver for a particular device is not installed or cannot be installed for some reason. In addition to other drivers, this error code also applies to Bluetooth devices on your computer. So we have put together a couple of solutions that I hope will help you fix this error, and you will be able to install the Bluetooth driver on your laptop.

Solution 1: Run the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

You can run the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter to see if there is a problem with your Bluetooth device. If Windows finds any errors, it will provide you with the appropriate solution. Here is what you need to do to run the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter:

  1. Go to Search, type troubleshoot, and open Troubleshooting
  2. Click Hardware and Sound, and click Hardware and DevicesRun the Hardware and Bluetooth drivers Device Troubleshooter
  3. Let the wizard scan your devices for errors

Solution 2: run the update troubleshooter

If everything is fine with your Bluetooth device, you can run an Update Troubleshooter. This step especially applies to Windows 10 TP users who are having trouble with their Bluetooth driver.

Microsoft delivers new drivers through Update almost every day, and if the Update service doesn’t work correctly, you won’t be able to receive a driver update for your Bluetooth device. In that case, you can update drivers using driver download programs.

To open the Update Troubleshooter, open the Windows Troubleshooter (as shown in step 1 above) and click Troubleshoot Windows Update under System and Security.

run the windows bluetooth driver update troubleshooter

In the latest versions of Windows 10, you can start both troubleshooters from the Settings page. Go to Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot and just begin the tools.

troubleshoot bluetooth driver installer to solve error code 28

Solution 3: Run the Bluetooth troubleshooter

Since error 28 is a Bluetooth-specific error code, you can also run the Bluetooth troubleshooter, as shown in the following screenshot.

fix error code 28 run Bluetooth troubleshooter

Solution 4: Contact manufacturer support

Laptop manufacturers often offer all the necessary support to their users. Therefore, go to the website of the manufacturer of your laptop and search & download Bluetooth driver for windows 10. You can also contact their support service, and I am sure they will give you all the help you need.

While searching for solutions to this problem, I noticed an interesting thing. Some laptops only have a button to turn on both WiFi and Bluetooth, so if this is the case for your computer, press that button a few times, and your Bluetooth will activate, allowing Windows to install drivers usually.

Solution 5: Update the Bluetooth driver

Many users confirmed that updating their Bluetooth drivers fixes this problem. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Device Manager> select Bluetooth driversuninstall and update bluetooth driver in windows 10
  2. Right-click on the driver> select Uninstall
  3. Now go to View> Check for hardware changes to install the latest Bluetooth drivers.