How to Activate Bluetooth in Windows 10, 7 and 8

Activating the Bluetooth device on a computer that has Windows 10 or 7 installed is relatively easy, even so, there are many people who may have problems doing this task.

In this post, I will teach you all the essentials you need to activate the Bluetooth of your computer. As a bonus, we will also see one of the situations that can cause it to not work as expected on the computer.

Instructions to Activate or Deactivate Bluetooth

To activate Bluetooth in Windows 10 or 8.1 you must go to the start menu, there, you will have to click on a configuration button (a button shaped like a nut that will take you to the system settings), to enter here, you can also type « configure »and enter the system configuration option.

Once in this window, you will have to go to the devices section.

Already here, you have to go to the Bluetooth configuration and activate it by clicking the on and off button of the said Bluetooth device.

To deactivate it, just follow the same steps, activating it will take a blue color that indicates it is on, to turn it off just click again, it will take a gray color that means that the Bluetooth is turned off.

You can activate Bluetooth in Windows 8.1 by following the same steps.

How to activate Bluetooth in Windows 7

To activate Bluetooth on a computer that has windows 7 the process can be somewhat different from what we have just seen in Windows 10.

Even so, the video tutorial that I leave you will guide you step by step so you can see how you can activate Bluetooth in Windows 7 and also create a shortcut to access it faster.

Download Universal Bluetooth Driver

If after following the activation steps you continue to experience connectivity problems using your Bluetooth device, then the problem is probably that the necessary drivers need to be installed on your computer.

On this page there is a post that I will leave you below where I teach you everything you need to download the Bluetooth driver on your computer, once the driver is installed correctly then you can activate the Bluetooth device on your PC without problems.

In summary, in this post, you are going to see how to install Bluetooth on your PC in a simple way. Where we present you different ways to do it and so you can without problems and infallibly unless your Bluetooth device is damaged, install it effectively.